Seasonal Magpies - Ticket Washi Tape

$10.00 USD - $13.00 USD
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Seasonal Magpies - Ticket Washi Tape

2.5cm x 5m washi tape with gold foil stamping.
5 different ticket designs per roll, repeating length 25cm.
Custom mold design

◆ Washi tape adhesion is not very strong and most suited to paper surfaces. For more permanent adhesion, please use in tandem with glue or stronger tapes!
◆ There may be minor deviations in foil stamping and edge trimming in each roll.
◆ These are stationery items and are not weather-proof.
◆ This product comes with two variants, please check the photos and make sure you're purchasing the correct one!
◆ B grade has slightly more foil or cut line misalignment than other tape rolls. Sometimes this misalignment is corrected or less noticeable past the top layer of the roll.