Hound ⚔ Cat - Stamp Washi Tape

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Hound ⚔ Cat - Stamp Washi Tape

READ FIRST: Pre-order items will ship in late February to early March, and I will notify customers if there are significant delays. Final products may look slightly different than the artwork samples due to foil alignment and printer colors, and by pre-ordering you accept this risk. Please do not pre-order if these types of product flaws bother you.
!!The foil will not be the same color as in the original photos, the foil is the same color as the swatch for the Celestial Navigation tape!!

2.5cm x 5m washi tape with gold foil stamping.
7 different stamp designs of varying lengths, repeating length 25cm.

◆ Washi tape adhesion is not very strong and most suited to paper surfaces. For more permanent adhesion, please use in tandem with glue or stronger tapes!
◆ There may be minor deviations in foil stamping and edge trimming in each roll.
◆ These are stationery items and as such are not weather-proof, and cannot be used as actual postage.