Pin Grading

Due to the enamel filling process, all pins are subject to minor flaws and imperfections. I quality check all pins before sending them out, but please keep this in mind before ordering!


The highest standard of pins - they may have minor flaws in less conspicuous areas, such as:

  • minor metal discoloration
  • one or two small dust specks
  • small areas of under- or over-filled enamel
  • minor scuffs on the enamel or metal
  • flaws such as discoloration on the back - the back does not factor into A-grading.


Pins with flaws that are more conspicuous or in a larger surface area. These pins are still wearable as the flaws are generally not heavy enough to be noticeable at a distance. Examples of issues include:

  • stains instead of dust specks, especially in focal areas of the design
  • bent post(s)
  • large and/or drastic areas of metal discoloration or oxidation
  • noticeable under- or over-filled areas, that may result in flooded over lines
  • noticeable scuffs and scratches
  • incorrect coloration in one or two small areas

Occassionally I receive pins with much more severe problems, e.g. missing an entire larger section of enamel. I generally do not have these available, but you may inquire if you are interested in purchasing one.