3magpies - Acrylic Charms

$15.00 USD - $40.00 USD
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3magpies - Acrylic Charms

6cm magpie-themed charms printed on glitter acrylic board.
Magpie species featured are:
Blue: Taiwan Blue, Sri Lanka Blue, Asian
Black: White-winged, Yellow-billed Blue, Maghreb
Green: Indochinese Green, Javan Green, Azure-winged

◆ These charms are **one-sided**! There is no print on the back of the board.
◆ Each charm comes with an iridescent u-clasp.
◆ Clear charms come with a thin layer of protective film on both sides. If the charm appears cloudy, make sure to check that you've peeled the film off!
◆ Frosted charms don't have protective film, do not attempt to peel or you'll scratch them.