[Revue Starlight] Wi(ld)-screen Baroque CD Charm

$25.00 USD
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[Revue Starlight] Wi(ld)-screen Baroque CD Charm

6.5cm acrylic charm featuring Nana Daiba from the series Revue Starlight.

◆ This charm has 3 layers: two sliding panels and a removable CD piece. The CD piece is printed on holographic acrylic.
◆ IMPORTANT: the charm opens by sliding the panels apart sideways! Please do not attempt to pull the two panels away from each other or the charm hinge will break. Refunds cannot be provided for charms broken via user error.
◆ Please take care when sliding the panels apart while the CD is still inside; the frames are tightly fitted to secure the CD and may scratch the CD if opened too roughly.
◆ The print side of the frames come with protective film. If the print appears appear cloudy, check to make sure you've removed the film!